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Technology touches every aspect of our lives. Emerging technologies have made an impact everywhere. One of the place we are seeing technological advancement is in the Restaurant industry.

Restaurants incorporate various tech-changes in handling orders, payment procedures, managing market campaigns, digitizing menu, managing staff, tracking vast amount of data of customers, sales and cost and so on.

Some modern technological innovations in restaurant industrty are as follows:

 Mobile ordering: Restaurants can acquire big benefit from mobile ordering systems. It enables customers to place an online order from multiple locations by using mobile app. It is a reliable and faster technique to attract more customers and expand visibility.
 Self-order kiosks: It removes desk system and improves space. Entire transaction is performed at customer’s table so it reduce wait time, enables you to make order faster, improves accuracy and delivers accurate information about the restaurant’s menu.
 Tabletop e-waiter and checkout: It is a self-checkout system that can prevent credit card fraud. It provides the faster payment processing system and speed up restaurant services.
 Digital menu boards: Changing restaurant’s menu more often manually is not so easy. Digital menu board makes the process of changing items and prices in menu much easier.
 Online coupons: Digital coupons are provided for great savings. It increases number of orders.
 Some restaurants provide Interactive gaming facility to the customers for their entertainment while they are waiting for their order.

Technologies helps the customer in getting the services as per their time. If they have placed order than they would be informed by restaurant staff that there food is ready and they can come and enjoy it or can get it packed also.

These innovative tech changes engage more and more customers, maximize efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. Integration of technological advancements in a right way in food service business delivers better customer service, improves overall dining experience and generate more revenue that goes a long way in becoming a success story.

Stress can cause many physical and neurological disorders. It is very important to manage stress by opting healthy lifestyle. There is a strong link between stress and nutrition. Choice of nutrition rich diet can help you to reduce stress and protect your health, while poor nutrition and unhealthy diet can increase your stress levels and can lead to many other problems like bloating, indigestion, high sugar level etc.

Some food can trigger stress level. Coffee, cocoa and some energy drinks contain neuro-stimulators like caffeine that increase stress and makes you anxious. Junk food, soft drinks are full of calories and fats and provide no minerals and vitamins. Addiction to these food can also aggravate stress.

There are plenty of food that can reduce stress are fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals, oat meals, yoghurt, soups and water. They are rich in minerals and vitamins that provide immunity to your body. Magnesium rich foods like spinach, fish etc. can help you to reduce headache and tiredness. You can protect yourself from any illness with proper nutrition.

You can make some changes in your daily life that can help you to reduce stress. Do not skip your meal. Eat regularly and eat a well-balanced diet full of whole grains, fibers, fresh vegetables, fruits. Opt for green tea instead of coffee. Try to avoid sugary and fatty foods. Go for protein rich snacks and nuts in your breakfast.

Fresh fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals and are helpful in reducing stress. Vegetables have a high fiber content which reduces the long term effects of stress. Some beverages like green tea, valerian, cherry juice, water etc. also help in reducing stress by lowering the hormones it triggers.

Dark chocolate also helps to recover from stress by two ways namely- chemical impact of it and the emotional impact. Dark chocolates are rich in antioxidants which helps in lowering stress. They help to fight stress and also help people to come out from it.

A well balanced diet can improve your productivity and helps you to maintain your overall health. To relieve stress make a good choice of nutritious food and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Nowadays junk food is very appealing and best in convenience, taste and price. When you are in hurry and feeling hungry, junk food is the best option to eat. It contains lot of calories, fats and little nutrition and is often considered to be bad for your body. But there are some healthier options hidden in fast food diet.

Some junk food that seems unhealthy but can be good for you are:

 Pizza: There can be a healthy way to eat pizza. It contains lot of saturated fat but pizza with lots of veggies once in a week can give you 20% dose of calories, calcium and proteins of your daily need.
 Chocolate: Dark chocolate can be healthy for you. It contains flavonoids which is healthy for heart. It relaxes blood vessels, boost immunity and improve blood flow in vessels. Dark chocolates contains nutritional abilities that can maximize your health benefits.
 Popcorn: Popcorn is rich in fiber and polyphenols which protect you from heart disease and cancer.
 Cream cheese: Butter contains double amount of calories and fats than cheese. So it can be a better option than butter.
 Coconut: Coconut contains lots of saturated fat but it reduces the risk factor of heart disease. Lauric acid in coconut, raise good cholesterol level.
 Ketchup: Cooked tomatoes are used in making ketchup .It contains lycopene that reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
 Alcohol: Moderate use of alcohol is good for your heart and it can also help to reduce abdominal fat.
 Chips: If you are searching something salty, prefer plain potato chips over the flavored ones. As it contains less MSG (monosodium glutamate) and is beneficial for your body.
 Butter: Some diet conscious people avoid butter. But the studies say that butter is good for us, as fats present butter helps body in absorbing the vitamins of the food. One can opt for whipped butter to save calories.

Fast food are always not unhealthy. Choose wisely while eating out and be healthy. Always keep in mind, what you eat will determine how your body will function in the long run.

Success of a restaurant depends on so many factors such as quality of food and services, well-trained staff, location, cost and so on. Ambience also creates a powerful impact on the success ratio of any restaurant.

A unique, attractive and comfortable atmosphere creates an ever lasting impression on customers. Exterior and interior designing and decoration of the restaurant based on some creative themes enhances the attention of visitors.

You can relate the theme of the restaurant with the food and beverages offering by that restaurant. It showcase the history, culture, fashion and style of your surroundings. It enhance customer’s interest towards the restaurant and invite them to visit again.

Color, texture and artwork on walls, ceiling, flooring and furniture affect the mood and emotions of customers and intensify their food experience. Beautiful music, proper spacing and seating arrangements improve efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

Proper lighting has the great impact on ambience. It affects your whole dining experience by bringing all the interior elements together. Customers feel more relaxed and comfortable and they will enjoy food more in a restaurant with the right ambience. They will revisit the restaurant and also recommend their friends also to visit that restaurant.

The way of serving and arrangement of cutlery on the table also puts great effort in it. Greetings from the restaurant staff also creates a good and warm atmosphere for the guests. It increases the positive vibe about your restaurant.

If the restaurant has good ambience to meet its services, then the customers would feel more comfortable and will get homely feeling while enjoying outside. Maintaining good ambience would help you retain the customers. Ambience rating of the restaurant is directly related to the customer satisfaction level.
Overall ambience can be correlated with the overall satisfaction of the customers. It will grab the attention of new customers and help you to retain your customers. It will enhance branding and provide an outstanding dining experience.

Etiquette refers to good manners and polite behavior that enables you to earn respect and appreciation in the society. Dining etiquettes means how one should behave while dining out, and avoid creating a bad image in the society.
Everyone must follow certain decorum while eating in public. Dining etiquettes start before you take your seat and continue after you excuse yourself from table. It plays an important role in everyone’s life.
People notice everything. Whether it is a corporate gathering, family function or friend’s party, dining etiquettes are essential to create an everlasting positive impression.

One should follow some etiquettes while dining such as:

 Always arrive on time. Your body language and appropriate attire creates your first impression among your group.
 Keep your cellphone away while eating.
 After deciding what to order, close your menu to indicate the staff that you are ready to order.
 Before starting to eat, wait for everyone to be served first.
 Remember your bread plate is on left, meal plate is on middle and water glass is on right.
 Avoid chewing with your mouth open.
 Do not talk when you are chewing and swallowing.
 You need to be aware about when to use which utensil for which purpose. When having your food, take knife in your right hand and fork in your left hand. Put both the utensils down while you drink.
 If you are leaving the table during the meal then put your napkin on the chair.
 Don’t leave the food in your plate.
 Keep your table free from extra things like cell phones, keys, purses, etc.
 While drinking something keep the fork and knife inside your plate.
 When finished eating, don’t push your plate forward instead just place your knife and fork in your plate in an inverted position.

Practice these etiquettes at every meal. It improves your personality, self-image and creates a positive impact on others. Proper dining etiquettes helps you to build your confidence and create a comfortable atmosphere for others while dining.

We visit many restaurants often. Different restaurants offer different types of cuisine and different services. Every person has a different perception to judge anything according to his or her choices but there are some basic things that can prove to be decisive while judging a restaurant.

There are number of parameters to evaluate a restaurant such as:

 Soothing Ambience:
When you enter in a restaurant, the first thing that attracts you is the ambience. It creates the first impression about the restaurant in your mind. If the restaurant is neat, comfortable, elegant and accommodating then it seems more appealing to you.

 Hygiene:
After entering in a restaurant, second thing to consider is its cleanliness. If there is dirt on table and seats then it is not a good sign. If you sense some bad smell, it indicates that the restaurant is not properly cleaned.

 Proper Service:
Services affect the satisfaction of the customers to a great extent. Food servers should be knowledgeable, communicative and pleasant to the customers. They must come quickly to attend you and they should have an efficient familiarity with the menu.

 Food Quality:
It is the most important part to consider while eating out. Evaluate the presentation along with quality and taste of food. Cost of food is also an important factor to judge a restaurant. Examine the menu of the restaurant and be careful while opting for seasonal dishes.

 Service Time:
The services should be delivered within a stipulated time. The food should be delivered at one instance. It should be served to all without any one remaining. The plates should be removed all together to ensure a good impression in the eyes of the customers.

These points help a lot in judging a restaurant. While judging the restaurants, one must emphasis on these points and should also take feedback from other people who visit that restaurant on a frequent basis to judge it unbiasedly.

Great customer service is very important for the success of a restaurant. Individual attention, proper assistance, care, respect and excellent food you are providing to your customers are an integral part of customer retention process.
For retaining your customers, it is essential to deliver excellent and personalized customer services at your restaurant. Satisfied customers will come back to your restaurant with a smile on their faces and it has a great impact on your revenue.

Few tips for retaining the existing customers and attract more customers are as follows:

 Greet your customers with respect and speak politely.
 Listen carefully and pay attention to what they are desiring.
 Provide a unique, attractive and comfortable ambience to your customers.
 Maintain a proper time of fulfilling their orders.
 Be polite, serve properly and follow proper etiquettes.
 Treat your customers with utmost courtesy and make them feel special.
 If case any problem or any complaint arises, then be calm, fix it quickly and apologize for the inconvenience.
 Take feedback of customers and make improvements accordingly for better food and quality services.
 Provide the facility of online ordering for their convenience.
 Create a positive working environment with your staff and colleagues.
 Avoid misreading your customers taste and preferences.
 Engage the customer through social media.
 Don’t lose your customer due to bad service.
 Increase personalization this will increase your loyal customers.

Keep these tips in mind, provide quality and satisfied services to meet the expectations of your customers. It will provide a fine dining experience to your customers and help you to retain them in the long run.