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Effective tips for retaining your customers

Posted on August 13, 2015 by admin

Great customer service is very important for the success of a restaurant. Individual attention, proper assistance, care, respect and excellent food you are providing to your customers are an integral part of customer retention process.
For retaining your customers, it is essential to deliver excellent and personalized customer services at your restaurant. Satisfied customers will come back to your restaurant with a smile on their faces and it has a great impact on your revenue.

Few tips for retaining the existing customers and attract more customers are as follows:

 Greet your customers with respect and speak politely.
 Listen carefully and pay attention to what they are desiring.
 Provide a unique, attractive and comfortable ambience to your customers.
 Maintain a proper time of fulfilling their orders.
 Be polite, serve properly and follow proper etiquettes.
 Treat your customers with utmost courtesy and make them feel special.
 If case any problem or any complaint arises, then be calm, fix it quickly and apologize for the inconvenience.
 Take feedback of customers and make improvements accordingly for better food and quality services.
 Provide the facility of online ordering for their convenience.
 Create a positive working environment with your staff and colleagues.
 Avoid misreading your customers taste and preferences.
 Engage the customer through social media.
 Don’t lose your customer due to bad service.
 Increase personalization this will increase your loyal customers.

Keep these tips in mind, provide quality and satisfied services to meet the expectations of your customers. It will provide a fine dining experience to your customers and help you to retain them in the long run.

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