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Importance of Dining Etiquettes

Posted on August 13, 2015 by admin

Etiquette refers to good manners and polite behavior that enables you to earn respect and appreciation in the society. Dining etiquettes means how one should behave while dining out, and avoid creating a bad image in the society.
Everyone must follow certain decorum while eating in public. Dining etiquettes start before you take your seat and continue after you excuse yourself from table. It plays an important role in everyone’s life.
People notice everything. Whether it is a corporate gathering, family function or friend’s party, dining etiquettes are essential to create an everlasting positive impression.

One should follow some etiquettes while dining such as:

 Always arrive on time. Your body language and appropriate attire creates your first impression among your group.
 Keep your cellphone away while eating.
 After deciding what to order, close your menu to indicate the staff that you are ready to order.
 Before starting to eat, wait for everyone to be served first.
 Remember your bread plate is on left, meal plate is on middle and water glass is on right.
 Avoid chewing with your mouth open.
 Do not talk when you are chewing and swallowing.
 You need to be aware about when to use which utensil for which purpose. When having your food, take knife in your right hand and fork in your left hand. Put both the utensils down while you drink.
 If you are leaving the table during the meal then put your napkin on the chair.
 Don’t leave the food in your plate.
 Keep your table free from extra things like cell phones, keys, purses, etc.
 While drinking something keep the fork and knife inside your plate.
 When finished eating, don’t push your plate forward instead just place your knife and fork in your plate in an inverted position.

Practice these etiquettes at every meal. It improves your personality, self-image and creates a positive impact on others. Proper dining etiquettes helps you to build your confidence and create a comfortable atmosphere for others while dining.

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