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Junk food that are actually healthy for you

Posted on August 13, 2015 by admin

Nowadays junk food is very appealing and best in convenience, taste and price. When you are in hurry and feeling hungry, junk food is the best option to eat. It contains lot of calories, fats and little nutrition and is often considered to be bad for your body. But there are some healthier options hidden in fast food diet.

Some junk food that seems unhealthy but can be good for you are:

 Pizza: There can be a healthy way to eat pizza. It contains lot of saturated fat but pizza with lots of veggies once in a week can give you 20% dose of calories, calcium and proteins of your daily need.
 Chocolate: Dark chocolate can be healthy for you. It contains flavonoids which is healthy for heart. It relaxes blood vessels, boost immunity and improve blood flow in vessels. Dark chocolates contains nutritional abilities that can maximize your health benefits.
 Popcorn: Popcorn is rich in fiber and polyphenols which protect you from heart disease and cancer.
 Cream cheese: Butter contains double amount of calories and fats than cheese. So it can be a better option than butter.
 Coconut: Coconut contains lots of saturated fat but it reduces the risk factor of heart disease. Lauric acid in coconut, raise good cholesterol level.
 Ketchup: Cooked tomatoes are used in making ketchup .It contains lycopene that reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
 Alcohol: Moderate use of alcohol is good for your heart and it can also help to reduce abdominal fat.
 Chips: If you are searching something salty, prefer plain potato chips over the flavored ones. As it contains less MSG (monosodium glutamate) and is beneficial for your body.
 Butter: Some diet conscious people avoid butter. But the studies say that butter is good for us, as fats present butter helps body in absorbing the vitamins of the food. One can opt for whipped butter to save calories.

Fast food are always not unhealthy. Choose wisely while eating out and be healthy. Always keep in mind, what you eat will determine how your body will function in the long run.

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