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Tech Revolution in Restaurants

Posted on August 13, 2015 by admin

Technology touches every aspect of our lives. Emerging technologies have made an impact everywhere. One of the place we are seeing technological advancement is in the Restaurant industry.

Restaurants incorporate various tech-changes in handling orders, payment procedures, managing market campaigns, digitizing menu, managing staff, tracking vast amount of data of customers, sales and cost and so on.

Some modern technological innovations in restaurant industrty are as follows:

 Mobile ordering: Restaurants can acquire big benefit from mobile ordering systems. It enables customers to place an online order from multiple locations by using mobile app. It is a reliable and faster technique to attract more customers and expand visibility.
 Self-order kiosks: It removes desk system and improves space. Entire transaction is performed at customer’s table so it reduce wait time, enables you to make order faster, improves accuracy and delivers accurate information about the restaurant’s menu.
 Tabletop e-waiter and checkout: It is a self-checkout system that can prevent credit card fraud. It provides the faster payment processing system and speed up restaurant services.
 Digital menu boards: Changing restaurant’s menu more often manually is not so easy. Digital menu board makes the process of changing items and prices in menu much easier.
 Online coupons: Digital coupons are provided for great savings. It increases number of orders.
 Some restaurants provide Interactive gaming facility to the customers for their entertainment while they are waiting for their order.

Technologies helps the customer in getting the services as per their time. If they have placed order than they would be informed by restaurant staff that there food is ready and they can come and enjoy it or can get it packed also.

These innovative tech changes engage more and more customers, maximize efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. Integration of technological advancements in a right way in food service business delivers better customer service, improves overall dining experience and generate more revenue that goes a long way in becoming a success story.

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